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Kumpulan Puisi Kemerdekaan 1945 Dalam Bahasa Inggris

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Kumpulan Puisi Kemerdekaan 1945 Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Mar 24, 2022 2 min read Copy Link

It won’t be long before Indonesia’s independence day is on August 17th, what unique and interesting activities have you prepared to welcome independence? Is it a race or some other form?

Maybe if reading a speech on Indonesian independence is a normal thing, isn’t it for you? but how about reading a poem about independence in English? Here the admin will provide a reference for you, let’s just take a look at the following explanation

1. Today

Author: Rayhandi

Today we stand in front of the mirror
Looking at the look of clothes
Looking at myself in amazement
We turned dexterously

Look at our faces tonight
Tough without shame
Like a concrete wall
Radiate with pride

Today we stand
On the black ground
In clear blue water
In the clear white air

But did you know?
The land we tread is the sweat of heroes
They fight for the land we walk and the water we drink

On a date
We can fly without getting trapped
Can scream without choking
All because of his service.


2. Gerylia

Author: W S Rendra

Blue body
blue eyes
men are rolling down the street

The wind hangs
the bitter taste of tobacco
dam of grievances and disasters

Blue body
blue eyes
men are rolling down the street

With seven bullet holes
knocked on the gates of paradise
and lit the young sun
let go of his anger

The girl walks in the red dawn
with vegetables on the back
look first

He gave out a sweet cry
and mourn the carrot leaves

Blue body
blue eyes
men are rolling down the street

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The villagers knew him
widow’s son with wavy hair
dithimba water bergantang-gantang
watered his body

Blue body
blue eyes
men are rolling down the street

Drive safely through the Dutch station
shelter the color of the night
entered the city by himself
wants to bury his mother


3. Pointed bamboo

Author: Rayhandi

At the tip of a sharp bamboo brush
Tear the enemy at mercy
The sharp blade hurts
Ready to swallow the enemy

The tip of the bamboo is a witness
Black pain
Drive out demons with life
No fear, no fear

Love for the country
United by red blood
Rooted in white bones
Mastering the breath

They fight until they disappear
Divorce from the body
For the earthly eagle
For Indonesia Paradise

They died with honor
Fight for a piece of freedom
The one that was stolen
For one independence.